I help?

Combined with a background in event, marketing and entertainment management, my interests lie additionally in the relationship between technology and the social. I have a master degree in New Media & Digital Culture and am passionate about building meaningful brands, new media strategies, cultures & communities within the landscape of sustainability.

Having worked or did internships at different startups/scale-ups and now connected to the University of Applied sciences. I therefore am experienced in either small/mid networks, as building larger networks regionally. Preferably with a strong focus on impact entrepreneurship, sustainability and building business for good. Connecting ideas and people in cultural or hybrid environments is what makes me thrive! I want to use my knowledge on community building, branding, marketing and connecting people, places and the planet in solving global challenges together.

  • Consulting on community/network building

  • Building or moderating your (digital) community

  • Brand identity

  • Social Media strategy

  • Content Creation

  • Communication (internally/externally)

  • Writing newsletters

  • Storytelling/Customer journey

  • Hosting (online/offline) events

  • Strategic and/or creative thinking

  • Projectmanagement

I like to inspire my work related to the Sustainable Development Goals and or Donut Indicators supporting sustainable and systematic transitions.