Amsterdam Donut Coalitie

The coalition is a network of people who work together to bring the Amsterdam city region 'into the donut'. People are joining the coalition because they are inspired through the Donut Economics. The network is built according to the 'Amsterdam approach'; It consists of very diverse types of stakeholders: government, large companies, knowledge institutions, urban or non-organized citizens, civil society organizations, NGOs, SMEs and startups. It's lead by Kate Raworths oganisation DEAL.

Together with the community manager I am strenghtening the network, by event support and buildling a communication/community strategy, webcare and social media strategy.
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*employee/project based

Campus Amsterdam

The knowledge- and innovation network of Metropolitain area Amsterdam, which strengthens the ecosystem of the most important innovation districts, techlabs, campussen and businesses in the region to solve social issues together.

I am responsible for strengthening the learning community, having close contact with the community/campus-managers of all the innovation districts, creating events and communicate our mission via our channels. I am also part of a Community group and working on the development of a minor Community Management. Campus Amsterdam is part of Hogeschool van Amsterdam - University of Applied Sciences.
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Young Impactmakers

The Young Impactmakers is a community of talented young people who want to do good while doing business, either by starting their own impact business or by collaborating with organisations, working towards a better world. We strengthen the social entrepreneurial ecosystem for young people.

Over 2 years I've mainly been responsible for building and strenghtening the community. From 200 people to now over 2000. I've worked on brand optimalisation, e-mail marketing, website building, communication and strategy planning. I also was assistant team lead support of our event team. Now expanding towards 5 large cities in the Netherlands.
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SDG Dinners - Solidarity project

In partnership with the European Solidarity Corps I've organized (online) dinners, bringing young people and social entrepreneurs together. We focused on connecting the right organizations and young people to make the Sustainable Development Goals attractive and inspiring. Every dinner we welcomed SDG Nederland and 15 impactmakers in relation to the evening’s topic. I've written and conducted the Grant for this project, and co-hosted the second dinner related to SDG 11 Communities in & Cities.

Organizing, hosting, marketing, branding and event production

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Food connects! BuurtBuik thrives for a better neighbourhood. They bring local people together, to help each other out and fight together against food waste.

My role: District Council - Eastern area Amsterdam
Communication, Community and Operations

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B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam is an international co-working space, accelerator and event location for entrepreneurs located in a former IBM building in Amsterdam Slotervaart. With its 28.000 square meters and its 4 buildings. B. is the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. B. gives entrepreneurs a place to develop themselves and help to grow their business. By facilitating them in the best way possible, B. brings entrepreneurship within everyone’s reach by providing the right spaces, toolset and social environment.

Being part of the community and events department, I was responsible for all the online and offline activities, events and tools, which contributed to strengthen the B. community.

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*graduate intern

Praat Nederlands Met Me

Language buddy for two refugees who were super dedicated in learning the Duch language.
Praat Nederlands Met me is an initiative developed during the Corona pandemic. Anticipating on the growing need by schools closing to find a way for connection and practicing.

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