designing transformational communities 

I am an experienced community & project manager, researcher and designer for several impact networks, new media expert, connector and do-er. With a strong focus on impact entrepreneurship, sustainability and building business for good. Connecting ideas and people in cultural or hybrid environments to engage them in transformative action is what makes me thrive!  I can help you with your community strategy/building/engagement/design, project management, events, workshop hosting. 


I believe that we can make this world a better place and tackle global challenges together, working towards a more sustainable, regenerative and friendly future. Mainly by utilizing our knowledge, skills and network as a purpose for good. By building impact networks and communities around your organisation or project we can generate more meaningful impact on a bigger scale. I get really excited on making strong connections in the broadest sense and finding innovative ways to do so. I like to inspire my work related to the Sustainable Development Goals and or Doughnut Indicators supporting holistic, sustainable and systematic transitions.

Or find me in the mood for soul/funk, dancing bachata/salsa, playing the ukulele, singing or walking in nature. Or all of the above.