campus amsterdam

The knowledge- and innovation network of Metropolitain area Amsterdam, which strengthens the ecosystem of the most important innovation districts, techlabs, campussen and businesses in the region to solve social issues together. Part of the University of Applied Sciences and Startup Amsterdam.

Current position
Projectmanager, community building and researcher.
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mkb innovation traineeship program coördinator

The SME Innovation Traineeship of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences aims to strenghten the connection between students, research and the world of SME's. Match-making ambitious students to businesses that want to innovate, digitalize, become more sustainable or inclusive.

Current position
Program coördinator.
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amsterdam donut coalition

The coalition is a network of people who work together to bring the Amsterdam city region 'into the donut'. It's a grassroots movement led by Kate Raworths oganisation (founder of Doughnut Economics) DEAL.

Community, communication and change agent.
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creating a campus community

Action-research where we further explore and suport campusmanagers in strenghtening their campus communities. By developing a toolkit/masterclasses for communities of practice in and around the campus/innovation area in the city.

young impactmakers

YIM strengthens the social entrepreneurial ecosystem for young people. A problem solving community with events and accele programs from more than 2000 young professionals who want to start an impact career.

Head of Community. Now expanding towards 5 large cities in the Netherlands. Learn more >

design sprint waste-management

A team of carefully selected professionals with different expertises delved into the collection, logistics and behavior of recreational and industrial waste for 2 days at Marineterrein Amsterdam.

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sdg dinners solidarity project

In partnership with the European Solidarity Corps I've organized (online) dinners, bringing young people and social entrepreneurs together. We focused on connecting the right organizations and young people to make the Sustainable Development Goals attractive and inspiring.

I've written and conducted the Grant for this project, and co-hosted the second dinner related to SDG 11 Communities in & Cities.

bright minds for covid

8 week social entrepreneurship program - especially designed for young impactmakers who want to help out during the corona crisis while developing their skills. With this program corona initiatives were supported in creating lasting impact.

Mentor/Coach - Oma Soep

community consult

Community advisor for several impact startups or project teams who want to build or strenghten a community around their brand, team or organisation. Either in private as public branches. Want some advise? Feel free to reach out!

praat nederlands met me

Praat Nederlands Met me is an initiative developed during the Corona pandemic. Anticipating on the growing need by schools closing to find a way for connection and practicing.

Language buddy
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Food connects! BuurtBuik thrives for a better neighbourhood. They bring local people together, to help each other out and fight together against food waste.

District Council - Eastern area Amsterdam
Communication, Community and Operations volunteer.
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b. amsterdam

B. is the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. B. gives entrepreneurs a place to develop themselves and help to grow their business.

Community, Events & Brand
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